Whitney Puzzle, , 2018

In 2013, Experimental Jetset presented a new graphic identity for the Whitney Museum in New York. The concept was based on a zig-zag line that could be used flexibly for the museum’s graphic output. One of the things that the museum produced on the basis of Experimental Jetset’s branding proposal, is a puzzle to be sold in the museum shop. This sculpture is a functional enlargement of the puzzle in the museum shop.

Recession, , 2016

Recession refers to the recessed position of the Brancusi museum in Paris, in front of Centre Pompidou, as well as the economic conditions that led to speculations about the museum being demolished in the near future. According to the rumors, the ground at which it stands is too expensive to maintain a free-of-charge museum dedicated to the practice of Brancusi and should make room for a more profitable occupation. The sculpture is a replica of the space in between Centre Pompidou and Atelier Brancusi, and assesses its value, both as a monument and as an investment.