The Responsive W is a performance developed for Prospects & Concepts, an exhibition with young artists organised by the Mondriaan Fund. The performance evolves around a 3D animation of a scenography proposal, that was rejected by the curator of the exhibition. The soundtrack is John Cage’s 26’1.1499” for a String Player (1955). This music was used by Experimental Jetset to present the graphic identity of the Whitney Museum in New York, that the scenographic proposal was based on. While the animation plays together with the music, the artist performed a script in which she elaborates on the responsive use of the letter W as a pluriform zigzag object. But the script also takes the audience to the negotiation proces between her and the curator of the exhibition.

After Prospects & Concepts, the registration of the performance was used in a montage together with documentation of the exhibition. While the artist speaks, the image on the screen focuses on the visitors of the exhibition, the display choices of the curator and the choreography of the design elements.