Brenda Tempelaar

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June 4 2019 Presentation ASCA Artistic Research Research Group at VOX-POP Amsterdam

February 6 – 9 2019 Group exhibition Art Rotterdam Prospects & Concepts curated by Macha Roesink

January 2019 Essay Bonnefantenmuseum exhibition catalogue Ine Schroder Een ding zonder naam curated by Paula van den Bosch and Joep Vossebeld

2019 Artist text for Reinier Vrancken in collaboration with P////akt

December 2018 Artist text Kasia Fudakowski Elephant Juice 1646 The Hague

December 2018 Report Smart Culture Working Conference NWO/ARIAS (commissioned by ARIAS)

November 19 2018 De virtuele Abramović: geen lichaam maar ook geen ziel? Metropolis M

October 31 2018 Anticipation and Expectation: Books as Exhibition Space with curator Marja Bloem at Rijksakademie Reading Room Program

2018 Guest lecture Royal Academy The Hague Art Essay Lab

2018 Guest lecture University of Amsterdam Master Artistic Research

2018 Masterclass Film & Leven Domein voor Kunstkritiek / Eye / De Groene Amsterdammer Film & Leven with Gawie Keyser

2018 Review Tubelight Almende

2018 Residency and group exhibition Temporary Art Centre Eindhoven In het midden

2018 Reprint of Store and Retrieve in thestockexchange by Peter Lemmens

2018 Editor of Tubelight magazine

2018 Essay Metropolis M Richtlijnen op een kunstacademie

2018 Book launch at Tique art in collaboration with Karina Beumer and Peter Lemmens curated by Welmer Keesmaat and Malenki

2018 Grant Mondriaan Fonds Werkbijdrage Jong Talent

2018 Artist book The Exhibition Tower Designed by Christophe Clarijs with contributions by Lex ter Braak, Stéphanie Lagarde, Graham Kelly, GVN908 and Golnar Abbasi

2018 Review ArchiNed Het Stedelijk en de stad

2018 Opening speech Gastatelier Leo XIII MATTER Tyrell Kuipers

2018 Artist text Tyrell Kuipers

2018 Publication Grote Nederlandse Kunstkalender curated by Vincent van Velsen

2017 Masterclass Witte de With Rotterdam Across the Board

2017 Second reader thesis Master of Fine Arts AKV | St. Joost

2017 Editor graduation publication AKV | St. Joost Breda/Den Bosch fine arts

2017 Review Metropolis M Artefact en verbeelding

2017 Review Metropolis M Staalslak als vanitassymbool

2017 Review Tubelight Beelden met een boodschap

2017 Artist text De Fabriek Ana Guedes Vreselijk mooi

2017 Artist text Timo Demollin Store and Retrieve

2017 Column Metropolis M Publieke Facade

2016 Award Prijs voor de Jonge Kunstkritiek with review Een verschil dat je niet kunt zien, : en de broekzak van een collectie

2016 Artist text Where do the characters go when the story ends Karina Beumer

2016 Group exhibition Ludwig Forum for International Art Aachen Perspective #3 curated by Holger Otten and Lars Breuer

2016 Open studios Jan van Eyck academy Maastricht

2016 Group exhibition Jan van Eyck academy Utopian Dinner Party curated by Huib Haye van der Werff

2015 Review Tubelight Schaduwkant van technologie

2015 Essay P/////AKT Amsterdam Think Stupid/Beast curated by Bas Hendrikx

2015 Participant of Jan van Eyck academy Maastricht

2015 Essay Gold Extra We Write Right? Double Trouble curated by Doris Prlic

2015 Report Metropolis M Meten met twee maten: 1:1

2015 Translator Dutch to English See All This magazine

2015 Review Tubelight Uithangborden op de digitale snelweg

2014 Editorial assistant Valiz Book- and cultural projects Amsterdam

2014 Studio visits KABK The Hague thesislab

2014 Lecture at 1646 The Hague about Hedwig Houben

2014 Master Artistic Research University of Amsterdam

2014 Review Tubelight Kunstwerk, gebaar en display

2014 Review Tubelight Huiskamerkunst

2014 Group exhibition Bradwolff Projects Amsterdam Variations Uniformity Curated by Alexandra Landré

2013 Artist text Gastatelier Leo XIII Sven Fritz

2013 Critic in residence at Kunsthuis SYB A Single Experiment and Singing on the bike

2013 Review Tubelight Een gebed zonder eind

2013 Solo exhibition Moira Utrecht Repetition is a Form of Change

2012 Best of Graduates exhibition Ron Mandos Gallery curated by Radek Vana

2012 Bachelor of Fine Arts AKV | St. Joost Breda

The Responsive W 2018/2019
The Responsive W 2018/2019
The Responsive W 2018/2019
The Use Case 2018
The Use Case 2018
The Use Case 2018
Fan 2017
The Responsive W 2017
The Exhibition Tower 2016
The Exhibition Tower 2016
The Exhibition Tower, All future springs, Stéphanie Lagarde 2016
The Exhibition Tower, Serkis, reaction, Graham Kelly 2016
Diagrams for an Artwork of 18 Metre in Height 2016
Diagrams for an Artwork of 18 Metre in Height 2016
Diagrams for an Artwork of 18 Metre in Height 2016
Recession 2015
Recession 2015
Recession 2015
The Other Figure 2014